Salary Survey Results for 2022

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Year of birthsort icon Qualificationsort icon Locationsort icon Category of Employersort icon Remunerationsort icon
1984 Engineer Joburg Consulting Engineer R1,326,000
1998 Engineer Durban Contractor R460,000
1991 Engineer Cape Town Consulting Engineer R720,000
1998 Engineer Durban Consulting Engineer R460,000
1991 Engineer Durban Consulting Engineer R336,000
1997 Engineer Cape Town Consulting Engineer R245,000
1994 Engineer Joburg Other R352,000
1971 Engineer Pretoria Consulting Engineer R3,800,000
1987 Engineer Joburg Consulting Engineer R900,000
1986 Technician Pretoria Consulting Engineer R600,000
1989 Technician Durban Local Gov R316,859
1986 Technologist Pretoria Consulting Engineer R550,000
1987 Technologist Durban Parastatal R840,000